thrustvps, huge problems… I can’t BELIEVE the support at OpenVZ.

A great review posted by one of our new customers on Web Hosting Talk:

Hey Guys,

I have hosting right now, for some sites on shared, as well as some across my VPS’s. One of my VPS’s over at ThrustVPS decided to act up after a server move, and thats when I knew it was time that things had to change.

So I sent an e-mail over to the guys at after seeing it on Lowendbox, and guess what?

The dude had it set up in a day. He moved my sites over for free, and got me started.. Then, he responded to all my tickets in 10 Minutes.

Finally! I have what I want: A Local Canadian Host + good Working Server + Good Support.

I can’t say how much I want to thank everyone at OpenVZ.CA, you people are AMAZING.

Especially Joseph!

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