Canadian WordPress Hosting in a Snap!

To all the bloggers out there, a solution has finally come. is proud to offer WordPress users a simple solution to install wordpress with no technical knowledge right from your control panel. No matter what Web Hosting Plan you have. Your blog will be setup in the time it takes to type in your administration username and password!

We know that blogging is a very important aspect to most websites today, and blog website in general are gaining very high amounts of traffic. Canadians are starting to recognize credible up-to-date blogs as a way to get unbiased news as an alternative to the mainstream media.

If you’re up for the challange, is willing to support you though implementing the most professional, reliable, stable and FAST blog for you so that you can spend your time thinking about what you’re going to write about.

How to Install WordPress

Already have a web hosting account with us? You can install wordpress in three simple steps.

  1. Login to your control panel (
  2. Locate the section called “Software/Services” and click on “Site Software” and then “WordPress”
  3. On the installation page, specify the administrator username/password and select create new database.

Thats it! Your blog is now live and ready to go.

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  1. Are your data servers located in Canada?

    • Yes, everything is located in Canada. Montreal Quebec to be exact.

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