New VPS Plan Added Today

We are pleased to introduce the “Micro” VPS plan, added today for purchase.

The new plan comes at a very low price of $30 /year and includes the following resources:

  • 1x Intel Xeon X3400 Cores
  • 128MB Ram (128MB vSWAP)
  • 5GB Hard Drive
  • 50GB Monthly Transfer
  • 1 IPv4
  • 1 IPv6
  • SolusVM Control Panel

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  1. Michael Turnbull


    I’m a PHP developer using Codeigniter framework with MySQL. Need access to PHPmyAdmin etc.
    I’m building a site that among other things renders HTML content to PDF files using a terminal utility called wkhtmltopdf. When I started testing, my (US-based) host has demanded I upgrade to a (2MB) VPS package, so I’m seeking a Canadian (and more economical) hosting alternative if possible. What package would you recommend, and can I use Codeigniter on your hosted account? Thanks, look forward to your response.

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