New Order Form

Slider order form for all OpenVZ services

New Order Form

We’ve been getting some feedback lately with regards to simplifying the checkout process.

The result: A new simplified jQuery enabled checkout form that puts all of the information on a single page, and allows you to checkout by “Sliding” a bar to compare different plans.

You will see this new order form starting today.

Thanks for the continued feedback!

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How to Reduce Delays when Purchasing Web Hosting or VPS Accounts

One of the things I have been noticing on various forums and blogs these days is the huge amount of time differences in processing and activating web hosting or VPS accounts once the payment has been made.

While many of you will think there are a lot of different variables that come into play here (size of the company, available stock, man power, workload etc…) one thing that is often over-looked is the fraud checking mechanisms. What many customers and potential customers don’t allow for is this buffer zone between when payments are made and when the account gets activated.

Most hosting companies today (at least I hope) have some sort of fraud checking system in place. Whether it is an automated one that is custom develloped, an API powered by another company, a simple phone call confirmation to the phone number the user signed up with or just a simple method of manual checks.

Some of the things YOU should do to avoid delays:

  1. Ensure that you purchase from an IP address in the same Country as your billing address.
  2. Ensure your phone number and area code match the Country and region as your billing address.
  3. Pay with a PayPal account or credit card that matches your name.
  4. Expect a phone call to confirm if you are from a different Country as the host you are purchasing from.
  5. Do not use a VPN service or other web proxy to purchase your service.
  6. Avoid free email addresses (hotmail, gmail, yahoo) use your ISP or Work email.
  7. In the event that you cannot follow steps 1-6 provide an explanation in the comment section of your order.

In addition to all of these precautions, the host will still do additional checks to ensure that you are not a security risk to the network.

Doing these simple things will make your life much easier and will get your new orders online much faster!

That’s alll for now.

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