Can I run Virtualmin with under 512mb of Ram?

One of the most popular trends we have been seeing at as of late is the huge incoming flow of orders on which our customers are choosing Virtualmin GPL as their desired control panel. As an alternative to cPanel or DirectAdmin it has some advantages. The first and foremost is that it is free (There is a paid version with more features) and it accomodates the more advanced users giving access to such things as apache configuration files and named zone files.

So why am I writing about this? Well, majority of these new orders are placed with the most minimum VPS package we offer, “Small.” Weighing in at 128mb of ram and 2 CPU cores at 1.0ghz this configuration will create errors even before you try to run Virtualmin GPL.

In order to run Virtualmin GPL properly you will need a “Class A” supported system which is on the Virtualmin Website, and at a very minimum 512mb of ram.

RAM Usage on OpenVZ Virtualmin CentOS Fresh Installation

RAM Resources during/post Installation on CentOS 5 in OpenVZ

We have done some experimenting and the installation script will fail with errors unless you have approximately 490mb of ram available. This is on an OpenVZ VPS (XEN may be different).

At 512mb of ram, the installer will complete and you will be able to run the panel but when you go through the setup wizard do not select any options which require more ram or you will max out the guaranteed resources for your VPS.

In short, if you want to run Virtualmin GPL on a VPS do so with at least 768mb of guaranteed ram and if possible go for 1gb to accomodate for future growth. Always use a “Grade A” supported system and make sure that you scatter virtualmin’s default cron job’s throughout the day so that you do not max out all of your CPU time at midnight.

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