We’ve done it again! More resources at no additional cost

We’ve been busy provisioning new nodes and more SSD storage. While we were at it, we noticed that we wanted to give more RAM to our clients. When it came down to discussing pricing, we all concluded on the same thoughts. Free!

As of today, all existing clients will already notice the new resources on their server(s)!

Micro VPS

Goes from 128MB of RAM to 256MB

Small VPS

Goes from 128MB of RAM to 512MB ! (This is huge), we upped the port speed from 10mbit to 100mbit as well.

Medium VPS

Goes from 512MB of RAM to 1GB. We also increased the port speed to 250mbit from 100mbit.

Introducing the Nano VPS

While we were at it, we wanted to create a plan that’s perfect for developers to get started on our platform. We’ve introduced the new Nano VPS plan with 3GB of storage, 10GB of monthly bandwidth transfer and 128MB of ram (with 128MB vSwap). All for $15 /year! Our cheapest plan yet!

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We Love Developers, So Have a GIT Repository for Free!

A lot of things have happened this past year at We’ve moved to a brand new state-of-the-art data center in the heart of Montreal and we’ve added additional redundant carriers to our network. On top of this, we’ve actually lowered the cost of our VPS services by adding additional RAM and HDD space to our Medium, Large & Extra Large packages without increasing the price.

we-love-GIT-developersBut there’s one more thing…

We love to encourage the development of great web applications and sites, and we’ve found that one of the best ways to collaborate on code with your team members is to use GIT. The most commonly used repository is, but the kicker is that you need to pay a monthly fee if you want to keep your code private and not make it open source for all to see and use/copy.

So, we have taken the time to provision a similar GIT hosting service, that is fully web based and offers all of the exact same features for getting your code done that GitHub has, minus the social aspect. So you can spend more time getting your code done for your clients, and best of all, you can keep it private for free!

Anyone can use this service (customers and non-customers alike), we just ask that once you’re done coding and ready for production that you choose one of our VPS accounts to host it for you. Feel free to spread the URL around.

Check it out: screenshot

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